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TPX is the official Blackboard Channel Partner in Malaysia. Blackboard has been ranked the world’s top 5 LMS since 1997, making it one of the most trusted and complete Learning Management System on the market.  Powerful options & tools, integrated teaching pedagogy, responsive framework and amazing support are the reasons our customers have fallen in love.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.

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Blackboard Student App

Blackboard Platforms.

We’re passionate about the value of education; and we’re passionate about the value technology can add to it. Our platforms improve the learning experience every day across universities, school classrooms, professional training and public sector environments. What do you need to achieve? Explore our platforms.

Blackboard Learn. A new learning experience for students, and educators.

You need a proven solution that continuously evolves to meet your users’ needs. Your educators and administrators need data to demonstrate student success. With Blackboard Learn, you’ll have a partner to boost your technology adoption and achieve your broader goals.

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Blackboard Collaborate. Better collaboration for more effective learning

With the new Blackboard Collaborate™, a fully redesigned web conferencing application built for learning, you have a reliable, simple, and convenient tool that enables everyone with anytime, anywhere collaboration. Designed with the learner in mind, our new technology delivers a level of engagement that makes learners forget they’re not in a physical space.

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Blackboard Analytics. Analytics for education’s critical issues

Blackboard Analytics™ empowers you to track and improve the performance of students, online and offline courses, academic departments, and your institution as a whole. We’ll partner with you to help you harness data from LMS, SIS, and then share it with everyone who needs it.

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Bb Transact

Blackboard Transact. One card lets students own their campus experience.

With a single campus ID—card, mobile, or biometrics—give your students access to everything from vending machines to financial aid to a safe trip across campus. And students’ seamless and cashless transactions mean greater efficiencies and reduced operational costs for you.

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Engage students with a mobile education.

Mobile learning is not optional anymore—it’s an absolute must in order to engage today’s students. That’s why all of our learning solutions include mobile capabilities, and our developers bring a mobile-first mindset to everything they do

Bb Mobile

Learning solutions with a mobile mindset

Mobile learning harnesses the power of Blackboard anytime, anywhere. Get instant mobile access to all aspects of your digital educational experience. Learning has no limits.

Whether you’re submitting or grading assignments on the go, contributing to the class blogs, checking or posting grades – everything you need is at your fingertips. Connect wherever and whenever you choose.

We’re ready for your tomorrow, today.

Our Learning Solutions are designed to support the educational needs of your students, faculty, and institution—both now and in the future. Cost-effective combinations of Blackboard products and services are strategically blended to provide you with the technology and support best suited to your institution’s needs. Ultimately, by delivering robust, online learning environments with flexible delivery options, your institution will deliver the accessibility that your students and faculty are looking for, while improving engagement and retention. Let us partner with you to transform the way education is delivered—and experienced.


With our powerful learning management system as its foundation, our Learning Core solution is a great starting point for providing a more engaging learning experience, both in and out of the classroom.


Looking to go or grow online? Take the first step towards engaging more students in more ways, and on their terms, by creating a collaborative online environment with our Learning Essentials solution.


Support & Training

Our platform and training services help you examine the effectiveness of your educational practices and strategies. We help you take full advantage of your investment with Blackboard. Our experience supports you, and gives you the tools you need to achieve your desired goals.

Subject Matter Expert

Strong foundation of functional knowledge to support your implementation of Blackboard.

Knowledge Transfer

Our certifications enable your faculty to fortify and document their knowledge at their own pace

Local Presence

Support is never far away. We are here to continuously deliver support to expand your capability through ongoing successful upgrades releases and enhancements.

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