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Incorporated in 2007 as Triprogram Xcess Sdn. Bhd. (789573-M), TPX began as a Systems Integrator and has since evolved into a Big Data and Data Intelligence provider. We are in the business of helping businesses discover what they truly have to offer through the pragmatic use of web and data technologies.

Supported by our partners and a strong team of talented and experienced industry consultants and operators, we have successfully implemented various Big Data projects for Governments in the region with specific deliverables such as Media Intelligence, Social Profiling, Price and Economic Intelligence, Crime Analysis, Terrorism Analysis and many more.


TPX assists clients move to the next level of data intelligence. We provide multiple semantic based analysis processes. The combination and integration of various techniques generate comprehensive, knowledge based analyses; providing insights for better decision making.


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  • First Contact

  • Problem Statement (foc)

Ice breaker session. We meet up, introduce ourselves and share with you our experiences and case studies we have conducted over the years. This will include brief overview on our usual scope of work and how we charge. It is usually either campaign based, subscription based or we can build a new system for you.

Definition of Problem Statement. This workshop session usually takes place between half a day to a full day. The main objective is to uncover the real problems affecting your business; internal and external. Once completed, we will move on to the Proof of Concept step.

  • Proof of Concept (foc)

  • Engagement

  • Command & Control

We will proceed with the development of a Starter’s Report; which is a preliminary research paper based on the agreed Problem Statements. This Starter’s Report will provide analysis and brief recommendations derived from data acquired from external data sources (media, social media, finance, research and more, whichever applicable).

Based on the Starter’s Report, you can now decide to decline further action or proceed to engage us. Either way, everything up to this point have been Free of Charge and with no financial or legal obligations. If you choose to continue, you will be provided with an Engagement Contract complete with NDA. The next step is where the Intelligence Cycle begins.

The Intelligence Cycle begins with continuous acquisition of data as well as a combination of historical data. External and internal data sources will be utilised in tandem to generate analyses from multiple angles. Analyses will be the basis for strategies, communications plans and more. Daily to monthly reports will be generated to monitor progress for further action.


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